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There’s a lot of competition for the top 20 or so organic spots available on page one.

Website Design & SEO: Think about the 20 spots available on the front page of Google and the number of businesses that are vying for those coveted positions. How big of a foot print do you wish to make?  Do you want to compete in the local market only?  Do you want to develop yourself as a national brand?   How many keyword phrases do you wish to dominate?  How competitive is your industry?  The bigger the footprint that you wish to make in the market place, and the more  competition that exists, the more work that is required to achieve top results.

What is the Moby Interactive Media strategy?

It’s in the name.  Interactive media!  When you reinforce the message that your business is an authority on a given subject, and your company is found on different mediums like photos and videos, we achieve synergy. Videos, photos, blog entries, website content, meta-data, and keyword optimization all play a role in conveying the message that you are a business worthy of Google’s recognition.  We are authentic in our approach to SEO.  If you want to appear organically on page one, we will aggressively take the necessary course of action to get you top listing.

…No gimmicks, no fancy sales pitches, just hard work.

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